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Wedding supplier spotlight: One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse 

by Shayna Sappington
19th Sep 2023

Specialising in scentscaping, One Fifty helps couples create a bespoke, meaningful wedding scent, with expert guidance from start to finish.

“In the midst of life’s most challenging moments, sometimes, from the deepest sorrows, the most beautiful and meaningful journeys can emerge. This is our story at One Fifty. Our origin story is one about love, loss, and the enduring power of memory.”

I’m speaking with the brand’s co-director Ashling, one of three Foley women behind One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse. She started the company with her sister Tracy (co-director) and niece Janna (CEO) in honour of their mum and nan’s memory.

“In November 2020, our family experienced an immense loss— the loss of our beloved mom and nan, Betty. Her passing left a deep void in all of us. She was at the heart of all our lives; her love story with her husband Dominick was, and still is, the greatest one we know. Their bond has weathered decades of life’s storms, and even though she is gone, their love is still present and celebrated. ”


“As our family navigated the unpredictable path of grief, we found solace in the familiarity of our home, the very place we had always gathered — the place we affectionately called ‘150’. It was within the walls of this home, amidst the echoes of shared laughter and tears, that we came together to honour her and our collective loss as a family.

“She loved light and candles. In honouring her memory, we realised that there was no other product or service we could create but one that combined these two elements.”

Thus, One Fifty was born with the Foley family at its helm. Harnessing the power of scent to build long-lasting memories and emulate a couple’s unique style, they started a special scentscaping process for one of the most important days in people’s lives.

Photo, below, by Chani Anderson

What inspired you to start scentscaping for weddings?

It became a natural progression to extend our brand into the world of weddings, where love stories are written anew, and where we could infuse our bespoke creations with the essence of enduring love.

One Fifty isn’t just about crafting beautiful scents; it’s about crafting experiences that touch the soul. Each bespoke scent we create carries with it the spirit of Betty and Dom’s love—a love that endures, even in her absence. It’s a love story that inspired us to embark on this journey, a journey that allows us to create memories for others that are as timeless and cherished as the love between them.

In every candle we pour, in every scent we formulate, we honour the memory of her and celebrate the love she and Dom shared. One Fifty is more than a brand; it’s a tribute, a promise, and a testament to the enduring power of love and memory.

What is the brand’s mantra?

‘From our home to yours’. We are a brand that places the utmost value on expert craftsmanship, environmental stewardship and the creation of luxurious sanctuaries filled with serenity. The mantra is a commitment to excellence in every facet, from the careful formulation of our scents, to the sustainable practices that shape our creations. In One Fifty, opulence is more than just a word, it’s a feeling, an experience and a way of life that we invite you to embrace through the power of scent.

Photo, below, by Manu Lopez

Walk us through the scentscaping process.

Step 1 – Initial consultation

During the first consultation, we aim to get to know the couple’s preferences and set the foundation for the scent creation journey. Here we discuss the wedding vision, including themes, colours and ambience. Then we delve into their scent preferences. We hear all about the scents they love – the emotions and sentiment associated with those and also the scents they do not like. It is at this point we like couples to make their vessel selection also.

Step 2 – Sample scents and proposal 

After the initial consultation, we create a proposal for the couple based on their preferences: using the information gathered we curate a selection of sample scents that align with their preferences and wedding vision. We will present the sample scents to the couple, either via post or in person, depending on the location and the couple’s availability. A second consultation takes place and they get the opportunity to experience each scent and provide feedback to us, which we then take on board. At this point, if adjustments need to be made this is carried out also.

Step 3 – Finalisation and custom label design

Once the couple is satisfied with the scent profile, we move forward with finalising the details. We then begin the collaboration with the couple to design a custom wedding label for their candles. This label can include their names, wedding date, or any other personalised elements they desire, and then we are into the production phase.

Step 4 – Production

We will blend the final fragrance mixture according to the approved scent profile, pouring the candle and ensuring it cures for at least seven days.

Step 5 – Packaging and delivery 

We then package the candles with care and arrange for the safe delivery of the final product to the couple. Throughout this process, we ensure open communication with the couple, keeping them involved and informed every step of the way.

We also ensure to store the couple’s unique scent profile within their own client file so that if they wish to have their scent re-commissioned for an anniversary or special occasion they can request that through us. They will have access to their own uniquely curated scent for life – where they can revisit the memory of their special day through the power evoked by scent.

Why should couples consider creating a fragrance for their wedding day? 

Crafting a bespoke fragrance allows couples to infuse their wedding day with a unique and deeply personal touch. Scents have a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and memories. By choosing a specific fragrance for their wedding day, couples can create a lasting emotional connection to that moment, making it even more memorable.

Fragrances have the power to set the mood and ambience of a space. For a wedding, the right scent can enhance the romantic atmosphere, create a sense of tranquillity, and evoke feelings of happiness and love. couples can layer scent throughout their day in many different ways. Starting by gifting the signature scent to their bridal party, right up to scentscaping their service and food venue reception areas etc. In addition, they can compliment their choice of flowers and perfume for the day also. It is a world of discovery for couples when it comes to scentscaping their wedding day. A bespoke fragrance ensures that every detail, including the fragrance, aligns with their vision for the day


Aromatherapy, which involves the use of scents to promote relaxation and reduce stress, can be particularly beneficial on a wedding day. The soothing aroma of carefully chosen essential oils can help both the couple and their guests feel more relaxed and at ease.

As we all know,  scent is closely linked to memory. By incorporating a unique fragrance into their wedding, couples create a sensory memory that will forever be associated with one of the most important days of their lives. The process of creating a wedding fragrance, from selecting scents to fine-tuning the final product, offers couples an opportunity for bonding and collaboration. It’s a shared experience that can strengthen their connection even further.

Photo, right, by Chani Anderson

Any advice for couples when it comes to choosing the right elements for their scent?

Choosing the right elements for a bespoke wedding scent is such a personal decision. It’s an opportunity for couples to create a fragrance that not only reflects their unique personalities but also enhances the overall wedding experience.

They really need to think about scents that hold special meaning for them. Whether it’s the fragrance of a place they have visited together, a flower from their first date, or a particular season that they both love, incorporating these shared memories can make the scent deeply meaningful.

If they have a specific wedding theme or colour scheme, choosing elements that align with this will be very important. Take the time of year into consideration as well. For example, if they are having a late winter wedding they might look at scents that are within the woody scent profile over the fresh scent profile which is more suited to spring/summer. Having said that, the beauty of creating their own scent leaves scope to blend different scent profiles for something truly unique.

A wedding scent should be a reflection of the couple’s unique tastes and preferences. But it’s also important that they are open to experimenting and exploring the scent creation process with us. Adjustments will definitely need to be made along the way of the scent journey and here at One Fifty we will guide them through that process.

We are an eco-conscious brand at our heart and strive to be environmentally aware in all facets of the business. If a couple opts for natural and sustainable fragrance elements, we can also do this for them. The core of this process is the creation of a wedding scent that should evoke the emotions and memories that have been integral to their journey and that they want to cherish on their special day.

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