Our Story of Scent - Female Led Scent Creation Specialists

We would like to tell you our story 

Meet The Founders 

Our names are Tracy (Director), Janna (CEO) & Ashling (Director). We are the women behind One Fifty. Our candle bar and scent house is based in Tralee, Co Kerry and we would like to invite you to become a part of the One Fifty family. We are a family run, female led business.  We're proud to be run by women and driven by family values. In our team, everyone is valued and respected, creating a welcoming environment for all. With a focus on innovation and empathy, we're here to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Join us as we strive for success, guided by the strength of women and the bonds of family

Transcending Tragedy

Our story begins in November 2020 when we lost someone very special to us. Our mom, Janna's Nan's passing, left a tremendous void in all our lives, and the lives of the extended Foley families. We had wanted to create something for many years and this lifechanging experience was the driving force behind the creation of One Fifty. Light has always been an integral part of the One Fifty family. Betty had a passion for light and scent that she passed down to each of us. Through our creation of scent her legacy lives on. Her parting gift to us, unbeknownst to her, was One Fifty. She lies at the heart of all we create. 

Hand Poured Candles in Kerry

At One Fifty, we specialize in crafting exquisite hand-poured candles in Kerry.  Each candle is lovingly crafted using traditional techniques, ensuring a truly artisanal experience. Join us as we illuminate homes across Kerry and beyond with our handcrafted creations.

Evoking emotion and sentiment 

The sense of smell is most closely related to memory. At One Fifty we specialise in the creation of bespoke scents to transport you back to a moment in time. Our scents give people the opportunity to connect with people, places and memories, past or present and future moments yet to be created. Find out how creating your own signature scent can add to your special moments 

The Future of Scent 

We passionately believe in the power of scent. One Fifty is a family run, female led premium luxury scent house that brings you into the process of scent creation. While our story of family and heritage lies at the heart of our brand, our ethos is a modern and inclusive brand. Create your own moments of sentiment and memory through The Candle Bar at One Fifty