Welcome to One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse where scent creation meets luxury Irish candles

Welcome to One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse, nestled in the heart of Ireland, where we blend the art of candle making with modern scent innovation to create an ambiance that's uniquely yours. Our hand-poured luxury Irish candles and private label services promise to transform your corporate events and celebrations into an unforgettable sensory journey.

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Private Label Candle Service

At One Fifty Scent House, we offer bespoke candle solutions tailored to your unique brand. Elevate your business with our premium private label candle services, where we craft scents to embody your brand's essence. Whether you're a boutique hotel, spa, or retail brand, our team is dedicated to creating private label scents that leave a lasting impression. Partner with us to unlock the power of personalised fragrance and enhance your brand's identity.

Private Label

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Experience the luxury of crafting your own fragrance at One Fifty's Candle Bar. This is not just about choosing a scent; it's about creating a personal narrative through aroma. Our Candle Bar is a sanctuary where your memories and aspirations are translated into a unique fragrance that speaks your story. Dive into the world of private label scent creation and let our experts guide you in blending premium ingredients into a fragrance that's exclusively, undeniably yours. Whether capturing cherished memories or projecting future dreams, your signature scent awaits. Discover more about how you can create a private label scent that's as unique as you are at One Fifty's Candle Bar.

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Enchant your wedding day with bespoke scent scaping

Transform your wedding into an unforgettable sensory story with our custom scentscaping services. At One Fifty, we intertwine the magic of fragrance with your special moments, creating a romantic atmosphere that celebrates your union. Let us help you select and design the perfect sensory backdrop that complements your theme and style, making your celebration as unique and memorable as your love story.

Begin your journey to a beautifully scented "I do."

Scent scape your wedding

The Goddess Collection

Step into a world where luxury meets divine femininity with our Goddess Collection. Each luxury Irish candle is a tribute to timeless elegance, handcrafted with care in the heart of Ireland. Infused with sophisticated artisan scents, these soy wax candles are designed to elevate any space with an air of luxury. Immerse yourself in the delicate whispers of Hera, Dione, Athena, and Rhea, and let the essence of Irish craftsmanship illuminate your home. Experience the artistry of handmade candles and the allure of the Goddesses they represent.

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Specialising in scentscaping, One Fifty helps couples create a bespoke, meaningful wedding scent, with expert guidance from start to finish.

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