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One Fifty

The Candle Bar - Custom Candle

The Candle Bar - Custom Candle

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Welcome to One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse, where the art of candle-making meets personal expression. Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience as you craft candles that tell your story. Our Candle Bar is not just a place to buy candles; it's a haven for creating moments, capturing memories, and celebrating emotions.   With our personalized candle-making process, you're the artisan of your own fragrance journey. From selecting the scent notes that resonate with your memories to customizing the label with heartfelt messages, every candle becomes a reflection of your individuality. Whether you're crafting a gift for a loved one or indulging in self-expression, One Fifty is where memories come alive through the flicker of a flame. Join us and embark on a scented journey of personalization, creating candles that tell your unique story, one fragrance at a time.

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It's not just a candle, it's an experience

Relaxation and Self-Care:

  • Light the candle during a bath or yoga session for a spa-like experience.
  • Place it on your bedside table to unwind after a long day.

Entertainment and Ambiance:

  • Enhance dinner parties or romantic evenings by placing the candle on the dining table or in the living room.
  • Use multiple candles of the same scent to create an inviting atmosphere throughout the home

Gift Giving and Personal Touches:

  • Give the candle as a thoughtful gift for birthdays, housewarmings or special occasions.

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More about the story of One Fifty Candlebar & Scenthouse

At the heart of our business is a female-led, family-driven ethos. Inspired by the legacy of our beloved Betty, we craft light and scent creations that embody her spirit. Join us in celebrating women's strength and the power of family bonds

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